Stellar IPA

Stellar IPA is brewed with German Pilsner base malts, along with Crystal malt from Patagonia giving it a striking apricot color. This beer has 5 different hop additions to give it a big, bold prominent nose with tropical fruit and floral aromas. The powerful aroma tricks the taste buds into thinking this beer is not very bitter.
58 IBU's | 6.7% ABV


Kölsch is a style similar to lagers, but brewed with an ale yeast at warm temperatures and then conditioned in colder temperatures. Our Kölsch is brewed with a specialty malt from the Cologne region of Germany, along with a generous amount of malted wheat. The Cologne malt gives a pleasant golden yellow color. To put our own spin on a traditional Kölsch, we decided to raise the ABV up a notch and add a mixture of US, German and Czech hops to give it a unique flavor and aroma.
21 IBU's | 5.5% ABV

Vanilla Stout

Vanilla Stout is brewed with specialty malts from England and Patagonia to give it a coffee-like aroma, with a subtle hint of vanilla from the vanilla beans we add post-boil. The longer you allow your beer to linger, the more vanilla the nose and taste buds pick up.
53 IBU's | 6.8% ABV

Amber Ale

Amber Ale is brewed with Maris Otter base malts, along with Crystal and Black malts from Patagonia to give it a dark, amber color with reddish hues. It has a low hop profile, although still exhibits some earthy and floral traces.
31 IBU's | 5.5% ABV


Grodziskie (gro- Jees-K’ya) is the original Polish style that almost went extinct, and we’re bringing it back! This beer is a pale straw color, with a predominantly smoky nose, reminiscent of bacon or ham. It is brewed with 100% oak smoked wheat and Lubelski hops from Poland. It is a highly carbonated beer, which contributes some dry champagne-like characteristics.
22 IBU's | 4% ABV

Best Bitter

Don’t be fooled by the name bitter! Our version of the Best Bitter style has very low hop bitterness and aroma, but some hints of wood and cedar from the Northdown and Pioneer hops from the UK. This beer has a coppery-orange hue, with a slightly biscuity and bready aroma and flavor. This is a crisp, sessionable beer.
34 IBU's | 4.8% ABV


This traditional style Bavarian Weissbier is hazy golden yellow with a beautiful white head atop it. It was brewed with mainly malted wheat and a touch of German pilsner malts. We changed it up a bit, and used 100% Polish hops in this beer, giving it very low bitterness and almost no hop aroma. The yeast produces a distinct banana flavor with a tart-like finish.
17 IBU's | 5.2% ABV



This Porter is an English style Porter made with stout, chocolate, coffee and crystal malts. The mouth-feel is soft with a light-body and rounded hop bitterness using Boadicea hops. It’s a rich brown color with reddish hues and crowned with frothy tan foam
34 IBU's | 5% ABV

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